How to find the right partners for Swinging?

July 23, 2019

Good ingredients to integrate, In order to succeed his debauchery, it is necessary to gather the necessary ingredients:

A couple of consenting adults attracted to each other by Swinging.

  • The respect ;
  • Listening to each other
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Optimal openness
  • Fantasies (but it can happen along the way).


Once we get all that, we have:

Thanks to the preliminary preparation of the field and an exchange on what everyone expects from this experience (fantasies, desires and limits);
By performing tests (meetings with other amateurs, exchanges with experienced Swingers, visits to Swinger places etc.);
Making the big jump when everyone feels ready;
Then debriefing systematically after each step.

At the right time

How to be certain that it is the right moment to start debauchery? Simply start with an exchange on the subject. Is the desire for Swinging common? In what form does this materialize in you? A fantasy? A desire ? A very exciting thought?

Once this is clear, you only have to talk about the fantasies of each and your respective restrictions. It will be necessary to approach the subject of the engine of your Swinging and then the framework. For an experience without false notes, you must know how to navigate between the two.

With people we like

You will have to make a difference between what you call your vertical friends (those where sex is impossible) and your horizontal friends (those with whom sex is possible). You have to know that these two categories have trouble getting mixed up. One can also ask the question: Is friendship possible between Swingers? The answer is yes as long as everything is clear.

Can we make Swinging with knowledge? The subject is complicated but it must be kept in mind that sex, and especially that to many, can cause a real catharsis in the couple. Are you totally ready to sacrifice a friendship on the altar of discovery?

In the right place

It is essential, wherever you begin your Swinger adventures, that you are comfortable. A first time is often a source of many emotions. Thus, it is totally unnecessary to add stress to stress.

If you are more of a “self-starter” and you love the world of the night, why not go for a private party? For those preferring to go out but favoring casual places, saunas can be a great option. For the wild, unusual places like forests or swingers beaches can be relevant alternatives.

Now you have everything in your possession to succeed in your relationship. So, go at your own pace but also learn to savor every step!


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